Sunday, May 10, 2009

Features of the "Samurai Today" Blog site

I would like to show you some of the useful features on this website and how using them will help you get even more value from Samurai Today.
  • Keep up to date:

    1. RSS Feed:- By clicking on the RSS icon in the address bar or the Posts (Atom) link at the bottom of each page you can be notified as soon as a new post is made on Samurai Today.

    2. E-mail Subscription:- This is the recommended way of staying up to date. Filling in your details in the form at the end of each post will add you to the Samurai Today mailing list. This will allow me to tell you about new posts and of special offers as they become available. I will not spam you with tons of e-mail, presently the notices come out once a week. I will never sell or give my list to anyone. I honour your privacy and respect your trust in giving me your pers onal details. The list is managed by Aweber and all subscribe and unsubscribe requests are honoured automatically.

    3. Bookmarks :- You can also add the site to your bookmarks or Favorites. This is as simple as pressing Ctrl-D (cmd-D for Apple).

  • Search: If you would like to search this site for a phrase or article you can use the search bar at the top of the Samurai Today site.

  • Labels: In the sidebar I have a Labels index. Here you can filter the posts or articles by type or subject. In the example, Posts related to business can be selected by clicking the business link while Posts relating to the samur ai Sword or Katana can be selected by clicking Katana.

  • Book Shop: At the bottom of the page is the Samurai Today Bookshop. This is a collection of books related to all that I talk about or reference in the posts on this site. Please browse and use the bookshop as I will get a small commission on all sales which come from using this shop

  • Affiliate Links: One of the ways I can afford the time to keep adding content to this site is by the income from affiliate sales. The products I advertise here are all products I have used or am using and recommend fully. Feel free to click on the adverts on this page.

  • Return Home: You can get back to the home page of Samurai Today by clicking of the Samurai Today Picture at the top of each page.

  • Subscribe to my blog and be notified by email when I post a new Article.

    I will never share or sell your personal details with anyone, ever.

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